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Sculpture & Bespoke pieces

how i work...

I will work closely with the client to assess exactly what is required through a site visit and detailed questionnaire. I will always look at the site and design as part of a whole system.

Sculpture can be created on commission: site specific or non site specific.


Site specific process:

If a client requires a site specific sculpture the process will be as the design process with the added stage of a model to clearly envisage the piece before construction.

Non site specific sculpture process:

As the design process with a 3D model but without the site assessment.


THE design process...

The stages of the design process are:


  • Site assessment, looking at topography the flora and fauna and climatic conditions, the soils and resources, as well as the site in a historical context to the local area

  • A questionnaire for the client to assess the needs, functions, aesthetics and hopes for the design

  • Visualisation - sketches of ideas to discuss with the client

  • Impression - Drawing of a final idea

  • Design and 3D drawings

  • Quantifying materials, labour and time

  • Realisation - step by step process of construction and costs

  • Construction



my philosophy...

My creative practice is about the melding of artistic disciplines and functionality, through sensory experience and subtle aesthetic narratives. It embraces science through biomimicry,  as well as history and folklore within site specific design and addresses from a positive angle our place within the natural environment and the world in which we depend on.


All Sculptures and Gardens are created with a message of respect for the natural environment, accompanied by solutions for us to enjoy and work symbiotically with biodiverse landscapes, and with the intention of raising awareness of the beauty of the delicate rare habitats from which inspiration for the designs are drawn. I aim to improve and restore the landscapes by careful observation of local ecology and natural systems with a view to sustainability.



get in touch...

Stay up-to-date!

ADDRESS: Milbeg, Coomhola, Bantry, Co. Cork, Ireland

TEL:  00 353 (0) 86 238 7069  |

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