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Seabed Sanctuary

The idea of an underwater sculpture trail below the waves around Bantry bay seems like a far fetched but interesting and mysterious concept. Like the wrecks of sunken ships or the ruins of an ancient civilization lost below the depths of the sea...

So what is the point and who would see it? How many people have actually seen the seabed below Bantry Bay? Quite likely not many, although sea swimming and diving is becoming increasingly popular around the bay and more and more people are becoming interested in what the sea holds.

The idea was first inspired by group of locals who felt passionately about protecting the bay, having witnessed a rising trend in damaging activity close to the shore. The depleted number of fish and lack of natural biodiversity have been a huge drive to bring back what was once in abundance.

Like so may places around the world the sea bed around West Cork has seen the rise and fall of many industries, with damaging effects and losing much of its biodiversity, flora and fauna. It has only been the knowledge and awareness raised in recent times that has brought a focus back to the importance of protecting and restoring our natural habitats and biodiversity.

When people finally connect up the dots to realise that it is beneficial for all living things to restore and protect natural habitats, we may be able to go forward in a sustainable way.

The idea of an underwater Sculpture trail as well as an attraction would also act as a protective sanctuary for restoring natural habitats.

There are many similar projects going on around the world with huge success, so it is not so very far fetched and is doing wonders for environmental restoration as well as raising awareness of the delicate seabed habitats on around 70 % of our planet.

The project is still only a concept but is gathering huge support and momentum bringing together many like minded people in a positive drive to do something beneficial not just for our local area but the whole planet. Lets hope we see the vison become a reality!

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