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Fusion garden from concept to reality

It was a pleasure to be sent images of the Fusion garden in Larz, Germany, 2 years after construction, growing and changing concept to reality... A garden is a slow process but continues to bear fruit...

The Fusion water Garden- Concept

To create a fantastical forest water garden that both celebrates and enhances the biodiversity of the space. Inspiration is taken from a self sustaining and natural microclimate similar to that of a temperate rainforest with a rich biodiversity of plants, and water falls flowing freely around biophilic forms, which both feeds the plants and creates a cool moist climate during summer months.. It aims to be a space that is both relaxing to those who enter the garden and inspires a fascination with the aesthetic and abundance of aromas colours and forms. With this a nostalgic feeling of a closeness and connection to the natural environment.

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