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Creating a Bespoke wood burning stove

When winter kicks in we naturally want to slow down and create a warm pleasant space to kick back and relax in the evenings.

I've recently completed this bespoke stove for a customer combining the practicalities and function of an economical wood burning stove and the stylish aesthetics of a funky piece of art. The stove body is made out of a piece of 10mm thick old oil pipeline, with links of an old digger chain for hinges and hand forged latches and fittings.

Bespoke wood burning stove

Beginning with a piece of 10mm thick pipe

Constructing the stove body from 10mm thick old oil pipe

Hand forged catches and fittings with two adjustable air intakes for more control of quick or slow burn

The chimney outlet comes out of the rear at 90 degrees to create a hotplate on the top and disperse heat into the room rather than up the chimney

The door is placed at the bottom to work similarly to a rocket stove and for easy ash removal

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